FAQ & Troubleshooting
How can I use custom templates for single event page and event archive page?

So, you're not satisfied how your single event page or event archive page looks with your theme's default templates and want to use you own layout.

To do this, for the single event page create a file named single-tc_events.php and store it to your theme's root folder. Now, the best way to start modifying is to copy the content from your theme's single.php file and paste it to your newly created single-tc_events.php file and then start modifying from there.

As for the archive page, the process is the same but only this time, you should name this template archive-tc_events.php and also store it to your theme's root folder.

Tip: if you are unsure from which template your theme is pulling some information, the easiest way to find this out it to install a plugin named What the File which is free and will clearly point you to the file where your theme is pulling the content from which then makes it easy to copy the content of that file and paste it to your custom template.


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