FAQ & Troubleshooting
How can I sell some perks as additions to the tickets?

Tickera itself does not support this functionality. Now, as Tickera has a seamless integration with WooCommerce via our Bridge for WooCommerce, you can use plugins such as WooCommerce Product Add-ons to get this functionality. However, if you intend on using Seating Charts add-on, this unfortunately cannot be used since product add-ons are selected on the product single page which, in case of purchasing tickets through the seating chart, is not used nor visited.

So, as a workaround, you could, for example, create ticket types as variable WooCommerce products and then set one variation as ticket only, another variation that includes a ticket and certain perk and so on. When variable WooCommerce product (declared as ticket) is assigned to certain seating group or standing area, and customer clicks on it to add it to the cart from within the seating chart, a popup will appear from where they will be able to select variation they would like to add to the cart.

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