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How can I print ticket from the back end?

Currently, the only way for this is to access the tickets from within the Attendees & Tickets area by downloading the tickets one by one and then printing then or using View option and then printing the ticket directly from the browser.



Now, if you are looking in downloading all the tickets in one go, currently there is no possibility for this right out of the box.



As always, there is a workaround 🙂

So, for this workaround we'll be using CSV Export add-on. With this add-on we can export literally any information about the attendees and create per-event based attendee list with all the information we need. For this particular workaround, we'll be focusing on the ticket code based on which QR codes and barcodes are rendered on the ticket. So, you can simply export a list in .csv file format with all the ticket codes. Once you have exported this list, you can utilize some of the online tools for converting text to QR codes. One of such tools can be found here. With this tool you can generate up to 100 QR codes at once for free and once generated, all these QR codes will be available for download as separate images in one single .zip file. This is convenient if, for example, you have a pre-printed ticket template where you can print in just qr codes.

Yes, we are aware this is not the most elegant solution but someone might find it useful.

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