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How can my customers access all of their previous orders?

Tickera users often oversee this feature and we get this question all the time. At the same time, it is very simple thing to do. However, as Tickera can be used as a "standalone" as well as with WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce, enabling this feature is different depending on which way you are using Tickera. So, here are explanations for both cases:

Tickera as a standalone

To do this with Tickera itself (if you are not using Bridge for WooCommerce), there are two things you need to do;

First, in order for the customer to be able to have their account in the first place, they need to be registered users and logged in while purchasing their tickets (which, if you thing about it, is very logical). Now, to force customers to register and log in prior purchasing their tickets, you will have to navigate to Tickera Settings -> General tab and set an option name Force Login to Yes. As a result, when customers who are not registered or logged in try to add the ticket to the cart, they will be redirected to WordPress' default login page from where they can log in or register.

Second, create a page which you would like to use as customer account page and by utilizing Tickera shortcode builder (Tickera button located above the content area when creating new or editing existing page or post) and select Display order history for a user from the dropdown menu, then click Insert Shortcode button and a shortcode will appear in the content area of that page. After that, simply save this page and you're done. Logged in customers will be able to see all their previous orders as well to download the tickets from this page.


WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce

When Tickera is used accompanied by WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce, ticket types are created and sold like any other WooCommerce products. Knowing this, you can easily conclude that, in this case, WooCommerce takes over the complete checkout process as well as customer and user handling. Now, since, by default, WooCommerce comes with the account page set right out of the box, you can simply point your customers to this page and they will be able to see all of their previous orders here. When they click on the order details for the certain order, a new page will load from where they will be able to download their tickets purchased within that order.

If, however, you don't have the account page in WooCommerce (for whatever reason), simply create a new page and add this shortcode to it [woocommerce_my_account] then navigate to WooCommerce Settings -> Accounts tab and select from the dropdown menu your newly created account page.




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