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How can I add additional fields to checkout form?

In case you want to collect additional information about ticket buyers and attendees during the checkout, you can utilize our Custom Forms add-on. With this add-on you can create additional text fields, text areas, radio buttons, checkboxes and dropdown selectors which pretty much covers anything you might need to collect additional information.

One important thing to know is that with Custom Forms add-on you can only create additional fields but you can't affect the default ones (first name, last name and email for buyers and first and last name for attendees). Also, custom forms for buyers can be created only in the single instance and will be applied to all the buyer forms regardless of the contents of the cart so you should use that for more "general" things (i.e. title, phone number, how did you hear about us, etc.). On the other hand attendee forms can be different for each of the ticket types so if a customer adds multiple tickets to the cart all of which are of the different ticket type, attendee forms will be loaded to match the custom forms associated with each ticket type. This is extremely useful as for example, some general ticket type might have only default fields (first and last name) while the VIP ticket, for example, may include a T-shirt and you can then use custom forms to offer customer to select a T-shirt size, color, etc.

Now, in order for the attendee custom forms to load on the checkout page, you will have to enable attendee fields by navigating to Tickera Settings -> General tab and set Show Ticket Attendee Fields option to Yes.

Using Custom Forms add-on is pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, we'd still suggest you to check out our documentation about it here.


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