FAQ & Troubleshooting
Where do I actually add my real Terms & Conditions content?

Terms & Conditions ticket template element corresponds to the Terms of Use field of the event (which you can edit when creating new or editing existing event).


Now, when previewing ticket template from using Preview functionality within Ticket Templates, it will display dummy data since the same ticket template can be associated with multiple ticket types and therefore Tickera doesn't "know" where it should pull the data from. So, to get the "real" preview, create a test purchase of the ticket that uses this ticket template and then navigate to the Attendees & Tickets area of Tickera and hit View next to that ticket. This will load an actual ticket with actual data. The same "trick" goes for every other ticket template element. Also, you can leave this ticket open in one of your browser tabs and then each time you make changes to the ticket template and save changes, simply refresh the page with loaded ticket to see the changes.

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