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Several customers reached out to us stating that, by law, they're obliged to display event organizer details on the event page on their website as well as on the ticket itself. Now, while there was a workaround for this by simply adding this information to the event description and showing this information on the ticket using custom text ticket template elements, this wasn't always an elegant solution and was more of a workaround than solution really. So, this is why we have decided to create a custom add-on for this.


So, once you install and activate this add-on, if you create new or edit existing event, you will notice that there are some additional fields available:

As you can see, there are quite a few fields available:

  • Organizer label - this is the label that should say something like This event is organized by: or something similar. If left blank, it will display Event organizer details:
  • Event organizer name - the name of the person or company that organizes this event
  • Event organizer address 1 - the address of the event organizer
  • Event organizer address 2 - second line of the event organizer address
  • Event organizer ZIP - ZIP code of the event organizer address
  • Event organizer City - city of the event organizer



Once you have entered these details to the event and saved changes, you can then display this information on the event page itself simply by adding [tc_organizer_details] shortcode to the content area or, if you want to display this information on any other page or post, you can do so  by using a shortcode [tc_organizer_details id="123"] where, of course, the 123 should be replaced by the ID of your event .

Also, this plugin comes with the additional ticket template element called Event Organizer which, if placed to the ticket template, will display all the details you have entered as event organizer details.


This add-on works regardless of whether you're running Tickera as a standalone or alongside WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce.

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