Event Listing

The Event Listing add-on allows you to display all of your events in neatly designed way. It works much like the event archive page or event category page for example but allows you much more flexibility.

When you install and activate this add-on, it will essentially add another shortcode to Tickera's shortcode builder and a Gutenberg block so that you can display the content regardless of which way you're using to edit pages and posts on your website. The feature set of both a shortcode and Gutenberg block is completely the same.


Using a shortcode

If you're running a classic editor, you can access the shortcode of the Event Listing add-on by clicking Tickera button on top of the content area of your page or post which will then launch Tickera's shortcode builder. Within the shortcode builder, you should then select Display Events from the dropdown menu. Immediately, all the available features will be loaded below:

  1. Choose Event Category  - you can choose whether to display only a specific category or all all the events.
  2. Display Past Events - select whether to display past events or not. By selecting Yes, it will display all the events at all times while selecting No will result in past events being automatically removed from the list.
  3. Number Of Columns - enter a number of columns to display your events in. For example, if you're hosting lots of events and need them all displayed, you can select to display your events in multiple columns so that your customers don't need to scroll whole lot.
  4. Display Event Filters - Whether to display the event filters or not. The event filters will allow customers to filter your events by category or by the event dates.
  5. Display Categories - If you have selected to display the event filter (4), you can select here whether to allow customers to filter the events by their categories.
  6. Display Filtering By Date - Whether to allow customers to filter your events by the event dates.
  7. Display Excerpt - Select whether to display an excerpt of the event or not.
  8. Display Default Featured Image - Select whether to display the featured image of the event or not.
  9. Display Number Of Posts - The number of events to be displayed per page.

Once you have set all the options according to your needs, simply click the Insert Shortcode button which will create one quite long but functional shortcode and if you visit the page it will look something like this:

*Bear in mind that the look will vary depending on the selected options and the theme you're using.


Using a Gutenberg block

As we have mentioned at the beginning, the feature set of the shortcode and Gutenberg block for this add-on is completely the same.

When adding a new Gutenberg block, once you click the plus sign to add a new Gutenberg block, type in tickera in the search bar to filter all the Gutenberg elements related to Tickera where you will be able to find a block named Ticket Event Filtering which comes from this add-on and, if clicked, it will add a Gutenberg to this page.

Once you add this block a set of features specific for this block will be loaded on the right hand side. The features are completely the same as the ones found in shortcode builder but are presented in a different way, common for Gutenberg blocks.

Of course, the display on the front end is also the same and will also vary depending on the theme you're using and the options you have selected when adding a block.



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