Event Calendar

Tickera Event Calendar add-on allows placing a nicely styled calendar of your events to any of your pages or posts. In order to place it, you should use its shortcode. Now, to make things as easy as possible, we have placed Event Calendar's shortcode to our awesome shortcode builder.

So, first click to the shortcode builder button as indicated on the picture below.


That will bring up a popup where you should locate Event Calendar item in the dropdown menu (tip: it's all the way down):


Once you select it, you will be prompted to select a theme of the Event Calendar (1) and language that is going to be used (2):



When done, click on the Insert Short Code button and the adequate shortcode will appear on your page.


When you publish your page you will be presented with nicely styled calendar view on your page


If you want to change the starting day of the week in the event calendar, you can use shortcode argument first_day="1" and depending on which day you want to have as starting day, you should choose the appropriate number (Monday is 1, Tuesday is 2, Wednesday is 3 and so on). So, for example, you can have a shortcode that looks something like this: [tc_calendar color_scheme="default" lang="en" show_past_events="yes" first_day="3"] and which will have Wednesday as starting day of the week in your calendar.


If none of the included themes for the event calendar fit the look and feel of your theme, you can design your own theme by utilizing a small add-on provided here.


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