Custom Ticket Template Fonts

Setting up and using this add-on is very simple. As soon as you have installed and activated it, a new tab within Tickera Settings will appear. When you click on Custom Ticket Fonts tab, you will be presented with the simple interface like the picture below describes:


  1. Set desired name for the font you want to add
  2. Browse to add a font from your computer just like you would add any other media with standard WordPress procedure (font should be in .ttf file format)
  3. When you have uploaded it, click to Add New button
  4. This table shows all of the fonts you uploaded and it's perfectly normal to be blank if you are starting fresh with this add-on.

Now, head to Ticket Template option. When the page loads, you will be able to select your custom font from Font dropdown menu (shown on the picture below).


NOTE: Please make sure that the folder tickera/tcpdf/fonts is set to be writable as that could cause errors when trying to upload new fonts. Also, some fonts may not display properly.

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