CSV Export

CSV Export allows you to export per-event based reports with all of the data about your attendees gathered through the checkout.

After you install and activate Tickera CSV Export add-on navigate to Tickera>Settings>Export CSV tab

Here you will have a following options at your disposal:



  1. Event - Select which event you would like to create a report for
  2. Show Columns - Select which columns you would like to be included on the report. Fields available for export created with Custom Forms add-on will be listed here as well.
  3. Order Status - Select orders status for which you would like to create a report
  4. Document Title - Enter your document title
  5. Export Data - When done with selecting all of the options, hit this button to start generating a report. Once, done, a CSV file with the Document Title you have entered will be downloaded to your computer automatically.

CSV files generated by Tickera CSV Export add-on can be edited with any third party software that supports .csv files such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc, etc.)

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