Creating large and elaborate seating chart layout

Setting up a layout for the venue with many seats is certainly a challenge. However it is possible tackle this, by breaking your seating chart to multiple zones. So, here is the workaround for this that might help.

First, create a separate seating chart for each of the zones of the venue. You can create as many seating charts as you want and associate them to the same event. Once done, create as many pages as you have seating zones and add Pick your seats shortcode to each of the pages for different seating zones.

Next, using some graphic editing software, create an image that resembles the floor plan of the whole venue. When done use this tutorial to create multiple clickable zones inside the same image and link each zone to the page which has Pick your seats shortcode for the corresponding seat zone. When you're done with this, the result will be that, once customer clicks certain zone on the image, a page will load with the Pick your seats button which is somewhat okay but requires additional action from user which slows down the process. To resolve this, you can install this free plugin and add the following snippet as custom JS:

jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ){     
    $(function() {     

This will result in seating chart loading automatically as soon as any of the pages which contains Pick your seats button loads.

All this might seem complicated at first although I've tried my best to explain it as simple as possible. However, once you start applying this solution, you will notice that it is quite logical and helps tremendously in organizing seating charts on the front end in cases of elaborate and huge venue layouts (especially on mobile devices and devices with lower resolution).

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