Create orders from imported CSV

You might have the case where you will need to import the orders to your website from the existing CSV file.

For this, you can use this custom add-on. However, there are certain limitations (which primarily why this add-on is not released as an official add-on).

So, first of all, this will only work with Tickera as a standalone and is not supported if you're running Tickera alongside WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce. If, however, you're running Tickera alongside WooCommerce, you should first deactivate Bridge for WooCommerce add-on and only then start importing. After that, you can re-activate bridge for WooCommerce. Tickets that you have imported will be eligible for check-in but there won't be any orders in WooCommerce from them.

Second, the CSV file you want to import and create orders from, must have certain order in it. It needs columns sorted like this: First name, Last name, Order ID, E-mail address. Each of the fields for each of these values should have entries or import may fail. Also, first row of the CSV file is header so the first row won't be imported.

Additionally, if you're importing several hundreds or more entries, it is advisable to break this to several smaller CSV files to avoid timeouts and other issues caused by importing large amounts of data to the database at the same time.

Add-on can be downloaded here DOWNLOAD

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