Configuring Caching Plugins

Although page caching is great stuff and very welcomed feature on any website as it can boost website load time tremendously, it doesn't get along well with pages that Tickera use which is pretty much also the case with any other e-commerce plugin on the market. So, if you are using any of the caching plugins, that's good and you may continue to use them but just make sure that you have excluded all the pages that have any of Tickera shortcodes. By default, those are at least these pages

- Cart or any other page where [tc_cart] shortcode is used

- Payment or any other page where [tc_payment] shortcode is used

- Payment Confirmation or any other page where [tc_order_confirmation] shortcode is used

- Order Details or any other page where [tc_order_details] shortcode is used

- IPN (if physical page is used) or any other page where [tc_ipn] shortcode is used

- Process Payment (if physical page is used) or any other page where [tc_process_payment] shortcode is used

- Other pages where the event/ticket type shortcodes are used

- And API page -*

Now, there are some hosting companies that are having page caching included by default which you cannot explicitly control and you might now even know that it exists (WP Engine, HostGator with some plans, etc...). If that is the case, and you encounter issues with Tickera cart and payments, you should contact their support and ask them to exclude the aforementioned pages from caching and also to check if they cache following cookies:

  • tc_cart_seats_COOKIEHASH
  • tc_cart_COOKIEHASH
  • tc_order_COOKIEHASH
  • cart_info_COOKIEHASH
  • tc_cart_seats_COOKIEHASH
  • tc_discount_code_COOKIEHASH


Note: Replace COOKIEHASH with yours. You can find COOKIEHASH constant under Tickera > Settings > System > WordPress Environment (Tickera version and up)


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