Checkout reCAPTCHA

Bots are causing all sorts of issues on websites that are having any form of eCommerce. Ticketing stores are not an exception unfortunately.

However, this add-on will allow you to place that extra layer of security against bots and make sure that all the tickets you have sold ended up in the right hands. Checkout reCAPTCHA is very simple add-on which entirely relies on reCAPTCHA services provided by Google.

Once you install and activate it, you will need to set it up first in order to be able to use it. To do this, you will first need to create site key and secret key which you can do by visiting this link (make sure you log in with your Google credentials). Once on the reCAPTCHA website, you will notice that there is a box which allows you to register new website.


Registering is quite simple; you should enter some sort of label (1). This can be anything you please and this label is not displayed anywhere on your website (as soon as you start typing something to the label field, a few more options will appear). Next, you should opt for one of two choices (2); reCAPTCHA V2 or Invisible reCAPTCHA. If you select reCAPTCHA V2, you will get well known "I'm not a robot" message with the checkbox next to it while Invisible reCAPTCHA does the whole checking in the background and has no visible part on the checkout page. In Domains text field (3) you should enter your website URL. After that, all what's left to do is to Accept the Terms of Service by checking the checkbox, and select whether to receive an alert if Google detects anything suspicious on your website.


Once done, hit Register button. This will then load a new page where you will be able to find all the credentials needed to set reCAPTCHA with Tickera. along with in-depth analytic of reCAPTCHA usage.


Of all the things found on this page, you will need only two to set up Tickera: Site key and Secret key.

Now head to Tickera Settings -> Checkout reCAPTCHA tab where you will find the following options:

  1. Show reCAPTCHA on the checkout page - this is basically a toggle switch whether to use reCAPTCHA or not
  2. Language - select a language you want to use reCAPTCHA with
  3. Incomplete reCAPTCHA error message - a message that will be displayed if reCAPTCHA is not successfully completed. You can enter anything you like.
  4. Site key - you should paste here a site key previously obtained on your reCAPTCHA account
  5. Secret key - paste here a secret key


Once done with entering all the credentials, you should just hit Save Changes and you're done with setting up. If everything went well, reCAPTCHA should appear on the checkout page of your ticketing store.


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