– Date of birth verification per ticket type

As the title suggests, this add-on allows you to ask your customers to confirm their date of birth on the checkout. When installed and activated, you will get another settings area within ticket types (when creating new or editing existing) where you will be able to set the age restriction for that particular ticket type.


So, you can set up to have no restriction, certain age and above, certain age and below and age between two values.

Now, in order for Tickera to be able to perform this check, you will have to use our Custom Forms add-on and add Date of Birth element to the custom form. Once you do this, and create a custom form with this element, you will need to edit the ticket type which is the subject of restriction and select this newly created custom form from the Attendee Form dropdown.

This will result in customers having to select their date of birth from the date picker on the checkout form if the ticket with the age restriction is in the cart. If they fail to do so or enter the date that does not match the criteria set within the ticket type, they will not be able to proceed with the checkout and will get an error message letting them know about the exact criteria that needs to be met for the ticket type that is currently in their cart.



This add-on is installed like any other WordPress plugin and currently works only with Tickera in "standalone" mode (without Bridge for WooCommerce).

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