– Add event title and date to WooCommerce table of purchased items

When using Tickera alongside WooCommerce via our Bridge for WooCommerce add-on, customers will receive their ticket download links within WooCommerce's Processing and Completed emails. Along with WooCommerce's order details, there will be another table in the email that will contain ticket download links along with the event title, ticket type title and attendee first and last name.

However, there are cases when this is not enough. This is especially the case for WooCommerce admin emails. The thing is that admins will only receive default WooCommerce New Order email that will contain a table of purchased products but if these products are declared as tickets, admins won't be able to see which events these tickets are for. Now imagine that you have multiple events that you're selling tickets for at the same time and each of these events has the same set of ticket types (eg. Regular, VIP, Early Bird, etc.). If you're receiving admin emails and rely on that as source of information to track your ticket sales, you surely will be lacking basic information about the event which you're receiving orders for.

To fill this gap, we have put together one small and simple yet useful add-on that you can download here:


When installed and activated, this add-on will "just work". It does not have any of its own settings or options. And the result of using this add-on is maybe best represented in the screenshot below (the highlighted information comes from using this add-on):

As you can see, this is one quite standard WooCommerce New Order email to which we have added event title as well as the event start date (in case you have multiple events with the same title). Granted, the same information will be also added to the customer's emails although they are already receiving a ticket table with all this information there but it won't hurt having the same information in both places.

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