– Add event title and date to table on WooCommerce’s cart page

When running Tickera alongside WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce, ticket types are created and sold as WooCommerce products. Now, it may happen that you have multiple events that have ticket types (products) with the same titles (think Standard ticket, VIP ticket, Early Bird, etc.). What's more, there may also happen that there are multiple instances of the same event (eg. for multiple dates). In all these cases, once the customer adds the ticket (product) to their cart and proceeds to the cart page, they will only see ticket titles but not what events and what dates these tickets are for as WooCommerce will, by default, only display the product title in the table on the cart page.

So, we came up with this little add-on DOWNLOAD

Once installed and activated, it will add the event title and date below the product title.

And, if you want to have this same information included in the emails that are sent by WooCommerce, you can check a solution for this here.


This add-on is installed like any other WordPress plugin and, of course, it will work only if Tickera is running alongside WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce add-on.



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