– Add another fixed fee on the checkout

You may want to add another fee on the checkout which will always be the same regardless of the cart contents. So, we've created this simple add-on that will do that for you. Now, as this add-on does not have any settings (sorry for that) if you would like to change the label or the fee value, you will need to edit the code of the add-on and find a fee title on the line 19 which you can change to anything you like and then find a fee itself on the line 23 (it is currently set to 7). Both of those values are following the return so I believe you won't have any troubles finding them.

Now, please note that this add-on can be used only if you are using Tickera for the ticket selling (without Bridge for WooCommerce) but as WooCommerce can be set up to use multiple taxes, you won't need this plugin anyway 🙂

Also, bear in mind that this fee won't be displayed in the order details in both back and front end but the total price of the order will be displayed with this fee included.


Add-on is installed and activated like any other WordPress plugin.

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