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If you want to learn how to customize the IOS Checkinera app follow this link.

If you want to learn how to customize the Android Checkinera app follow this link.


Checkinera applications are used for checking in of the tickets purchased through Tickera. Checkinera is available for iOS and Android device as well as web app that you can run on your own website. Usage of any of these versions is completely the same as they all have the same options and basically the same layout. Still, we will explain below and give examples of usage of mobile apps (Android and iOS) and will separately provide examples for the web app as these have slight differences in their layout purely because of the screen sizes and orientation.


Mobile version

Checkinera is available for download on Google Play Store here as well as on the Apple App Store here. Both apps are installed like any other app that you're installing to the device that you're using.

Once installed, when you first start the app, you will be met with the login screen:

On this screen, you should enter your website URL and API key for the event that you want to check the tickets in (alternatively, you can also use API key for all events). All of this information (your website URL and API keys) can be found on your website within Tickera Settings - API Access tab where you can also find some more options more about which you can find here. Also, you will notice the Auto Login switch, which, if enabled, will log you in automatically with the same credentials each time you start the app.


So, once you have entered your website URL and API key of the event you want to check the tickets in, an app will land to the Home/Stats view.

In this view, you will see the two numbers: number of sold tickets and number of checked in tickets. On the left hand side, you will notice a menu with several icons, each of which will lead you to different areas of Checkinera.



List view - in this area of the app, a list of all the attendees will be displayed. Within this area, you can also search for particular attendee using the search bar on the top.



Additionally, if you click the particular attendee, all of the details about that attendee will be displayed and you will be also able to check them in from there by tapping the Check-in button.



Check-in - within this area, you will notice a camera icon which, if tapped, will start the camera of your device, allowing you to scan the QR code or barcode from the ticket. Alternatively, you can also use the entry field to manually enter the ticket code to check the ticket in or use external barcode/2D scanner device connected to your mobile device to scan barcodes and/or QR codes.


Log out - by clicking the log out icon, you will be logged out from the current event.


Network icon - this icon indicates whether your device is connected to the internet or not. If device is offline, it will perform the check-ins locally but won't be able to sync the check-in records with the attendee database on your website. This is particularly important if you have multiple check-in devices for the same event and if they're all offline, the same ticket can be checked-in on each device regardless of the number of check-ins available for that ticket type.

Indicates that the device is connected to the internet:

Indicates that devices does not have internet connection:


Web application

There are two ways of using Checkinera web app: by installing Checkinera plugin or by navigating to If you decide to use Checkinera plugin, you will have additional options such as changing the logo and colors while if you decide to use it on there are no additional actions required.

As for using web application, it works completely the same as the any other version of the app but instead of having a device specific application, it will run in basically any web browser.

So, the first screen you will see will be the login screen to which you should enter your website URL and API key for the event you want to check the tickets in.


When logged in, you will be landed on the Home/Stats screen which displays the number of sold and checked-in tickets.


The List view will display a list of all the attendees along with some of their details (eg. ticket code and the date of purchase) and you can also use a search bar on top of it to search the attendees by their name or any other credential.


When you click the particular attendee, a page with all of their details will be loaded and from this page you will be also able to check them in simply by clicking the Check-in button.


On the Check-in screen you will notice an input field which is intended for entering a ticket code. Of course, instead of entering the ticket code manually, you should use any standard barcode or 2D scanner to scan the barcode and/or QR code from the attendee's ticket which will be then automatically entered to this field.


The Sign out button will, as the name suggests, sign you out from the app.


On the bottom left, you will notice a network icon which indicates whether there is a network connection or not. Checkinera requires connecting to the internet only once to download the attendee database after which it can be disconnected and used offline. So, if the computer that is running the web app goes offline, a network icon will indicate that.



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