Check-in Notifications

Check-in Notifications add-on enables you to send personalized emails to each of your attendees as soon as their ticket has been checked in. So, if you want to wish a warm welcome or to send your event agenda or program to your attendees, this might be the perfect solution for you.

Once you install and activate this add-on, you will find additional set of options within Tickera Settings > Email tab in the Check-in Notifications area. Here is the list of available options:


  1. Set the mail subject
  2. From Name - This name will appear as sent from name in the e-mail
  3. From E-Mail Address - This e-mail will appear as sender address
  4. Check-in Notifications Text - Enter the text that will be sent to the attendee's e-mail like information about the event, map, program etc...You can use following placeholders (OWNER_NAME), (EVENT), (TICKET TYPE)
  5. Send Check-in Notification To Owner
  6. Send Check-in Notification To Buyer (useful in cases when buyer needs a confirmation that the person he/she purchased ticket for appeared at the event)


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