– Reset check-ins for all attendees

Several of our clients are hosting events spanned across multiple days and asked us if there is possibility to reset the check-ins for all the attendees with a simple press of a button. The main purpose of this is to have the correct information on number of check-in tickets appearing in the Check-in app each day.

So, we came up with this little add-on. Once installed and activated, it will add DELETE CHECKINS button in Tickera Settings -> System tab. It is placed all the way down on that page on purpose so you cannot access it too easily and therefore you can't delete check-ins by accident.

IMPORTANT: Once deleted this way, check-ins cannot be reverted back. This is permanent change as the records in the database are being deleted by pressing this button. Therefore, proceed with this action with caution!


Add-on is installed and activated like any other WordPress plugin and works with Tickera as a "standalone" as well as when used accompanied by WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce.

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