Change the filename of the downloaded ticket

By default downloaded tickets have filename that is consisted of ticket code only. And while in most of the cases, this is perfectly enough, in some other cases you might want to change the filename of the downloaded ticket to something else and give it that "extra touch".

And this is where this little add-on kicks in:


When installed and activated, it will add another option to Tickera Settings -> General tab -> Miscellaneous area where you will be able to add the arbitrary filename for the tickets that will be downloaded from your website.

Now, as someone might purchase several tickets in a single order, all of which they will probably download to the same device, if the filenames for each of the tickets were the same, they might accidentally overwrite some of the tickets. This is why we have left the ticket code in the filename that follows the customer value that you have entered in the settings.

Bonus tip: if you just install this add-on and leave the field for custom filename blank, the filename will then contain the event title followed by the ticket code which we though might be also convenient for some.


Of course, this add-on works and will affect the filenames of the downloaded tickets regardless of whether you're running Tickera as a standalone or alongside WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce.

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