Change force login URL

If you use "Force Login" option (located in the Tickera admin Settings > General > Store Settings) to force users to log in first in order to purchase and/or download tickets, if they are logged out, login URL by default will be standard WordPress URL (wp-login.php).

However, if you've made a fancy custom login page with a different URL or if you use some of the WordPress membership plugins which have a different login URL, you'll need to use this addon in order to redirect your customers to that custom login page instead of the wp-login.php

Download Custom force login URL addon for Tickera.

After installing and activating this add-on (as you would do with any standard WordPress plugin), navigate to Tickera Settings > General > Miscellaneous and set an URL in the "Custom force login URL". If you left the field empty, it will use default WordPress login URL.

Note: this add-on works only with Tickera standalone version and it's not compatible with Bridge for WooCommerce.

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