Bulk Discount Codes

Bulk Discount Codes add-on enables adding discount codes in bulks. So, for example, if you need to add large volume of discount codes that can be used once or expire on the same date and time, this add-on will help you do that in a breeze.

When you first install and activate Bulk Discounts add-on, you will notice that there is a new tab in Tickera Settings area named Bulk Discounts.


Within Bulk Discounts area you will find a following set of options:

  1. Discount Code - Insert the discount code (One discount code per line) for example ABC123
  2. Discount Type - From this dropdown menu you can select discount to be fixed or to be based on a percentage of the selling price
  3. Discount Value - If discount type is set to be fixed, insert the value that you want your ticket price to be reduced. For example: If ticket price is $15 and you insert discount value 10, ticket price with code will cost $5. But if you choose 'percentage' in previous step, discount will be based on percentage which you insert. For example: If ticket price is $15 and you insert discount value 20, ticket price with code will be lower for 20% and it will cost $12
  4. Discount Available for - Here you can select for which ticket types you would like the added dicount codes to apply and by typing "All" (without quatation marks) discount codes will be applied to all the ticket types you have currently active.
  5. Usage Limit - Set the number of times each of the discount codes can be used before they are void. Bear in mind that if this field is left blank, a default value will be applied which is "Unlimited"
  6. Expiration Date - Here you can set the expiration date of the discount codes you are adding
  7. Add Discount Codes - When done setting everything up, hit this button and your discount codes will be added

After you have added discount codes, all the codes will be placed in Tickera > Discount Codes, where you can search, edit or delete them.


Hint: if you need to generate large volume of random discount codes, instead of manually entering each and every one, you can find a plenty of online tools for that. This particular tool will allow you to shape your codes exactly like you need it and will take seconds to generate hundreds of codes. And it's free 🙂

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