– List events based on category

If you are hosting lots of events, event categorizing is the essential part. Now, although you can display all the events using the category archive page, we've been often asked to provide a shortcode by utilizing which you can list all the events of some category to any of your pages or posts. So, we came up with this.

Once installed and activated, this add-on will allow you to use a shortcode in form [tc_category_sc slug="category_slug"] where category_slug should be replaced with the slug of the category you want to display (do not remove quotation marks in shortcode). Also, events displayed this way will be sorted starting with nearest and past events will be automatically removed from the list.


Add-on is installed and activated like any other WordPress plugin and works with Tickera as a "standalone" as well as when used accompanied by WooCommerce via Bridge for WooCommerce.

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