Theme Integration Guide

Styling Tickera to match your theme is easy. Its minimalistic design is designed to fit most themes, but you may want to make some adjustments. To get started, we recommend installing the free version of Tickera to your usersin the WordPress admin via the TGM Plugin Activation library. For instructions, please refer to their documentation.

Tickets Table

You can find the ticket table for your events in Tickera. To help you set up your events and ticket types, use the following links:

To style the table directly, you can use "tickera" class of the wrapping div and "event_tickets" class of the table. Don't forget to try clicking "Add to Cart" to make sure everything is working correctly.

event tickets table
event tickets table

Cart Page

To purchase a ticket, click "view cart" which will forward you to the Cart page. On this page, you will notice various tables and buttons. While you can style these whichever way you like, it would be best to follow your theme's styling for a cohesive look.


To complete your purchase, proceed to the checkout. On this page, you will be presented with the payment summary and various payment options. For more payment options to appear on this page, navigate to Tickera Settings > Payment Gateways and enable whichever payment gateways you want.

event tickets table
event tickets table

Payment Confirmation Page

After a successful checkout, you will be taken to the Payment Confirmation page. On this page you will see a message that reads: "You can check your order status and download tickets here". Simply click on the link marked "here" and you will be taken to Ticker's Order Details page where you can view the tickets table. Once your order is confirmed, you can go to Tickera > Orders page in the backend to check all orders and set the status of the latest order to "Order paid" for the tickets table to appear.


Once you've completed styling the pages, please ensure that they look great across all devices and resolutions - phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and more. Once you've done that, send us your theme and we'll review it. Check out all the benefits here

event tickets table
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