Throwing A Memorable New Year’s Office Party

With the most beautiful time of the year approaching, you might stop to think why bothering with office parties, fake Santa’s, Xmas cookies, eggnogs and colleague gift exchange. Stop there and think no more! First thought will indeed be strengthening relationships; however, everybody will agree that there is more to it.
Here is a checklist to doing it right and having a great office party for your team, and if you decide clients as well.


Set the time and date

Unquestionably, the New Year’s office party should take place somewhere before or around the New Year’s Eve. Usually, companies make it a dinner thing, go to a restaurant, hire a band and let themselves go to the event.

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Another, in our opinion more entertaining option is going for an all-day-office-hours-party.

Stop the work for a day and make it an eight-hours-fun (with all-day activities and a Xmas/New Year’s meal of course).

If you are not sure which option to go for, make an online survey and let the employees decide - it is all about them anyway.


Invite the respective colleagues

People love to be invited; no matter if they are in the same or adjacent office. Inviting stands for showing people you want them with you. In the employee world, it means they matter.  A simple circular mail to inform everyone about the time and date of the party can do the trick, or you can let your imagination run wild with comic texts and office jokes to make the occasion even more lighthearted.


Do not forget about the budget

Not as much fun part of the job, but certainly necessary. Jot down the amount of money you can spend on that day and put some extra money on the side for not anticipated costs or some interesting ideas that may pop up on the go.


Set a theme for the party

This time of the year somehow has an imposed party theme. Nevertheless, it is no reason to be lazy instead of creative. Make it the best Santa/Elf/Reindeer contest, or Who resembles Santa competition, also making/collecting presents for donation can put a purpose to the party that comes in the time of giving. Needless to say, throw in a ridiculous reward for the winners.


Food and drinks

Food and drinks are what everyone always talks about and what is remembered. If you allow alcohol consumption and don’t have any underage trainees, make it a limit per person, and add a penalty joke for those who do get drunk.

In terms of kinds of food, you can stay simple, order a variety of pizzas and just open the boxes.

Some fancier variant can include restaurant meals and a buffet table. The easiest may be to go green and have different meal salads.


Do not get obsessed with decoration

Wherever the venue is, red and green will be dominant colours. Going with the flow at New Year’s time is the safest choice since we are still great fans of tradition and what New Year and Christmas really mean.


Make it musical

Why not being original and “hire” employees who play instruments to have their five minutes demonstrating their musical skills?  Rent a karaoke machine for those who lack the talent and include them all.


Exchange gifts

Santa comes bearing gifts, so this occasion should not pass without some. They don’t need to be expensive, rather a small token of appreciation. Remind yourselves of the old school days and have colleagues and employees draw their secret pair to surprise on the day of the party (there can never be enough mugs, pens and staplers).


Hire a photographer

Make it a marketing strategy and take a photographer. Update your blog and website with office party atmosphere. Clients like to see real people and employees like to see themselves as the integral part of the company.  A small photo album is great to be given as a gift (especially to those who are about to retire next year).


CEO speech

It is not just about giving a speech; it is about mingling with your people, being approachable, participating and bonding with the most important asset of your company - the great people.

Holding an event such as an office party has more than one benefit: for instance, you'll do something nice for your employees (each of them will appreciate it), it's a kind of a team building without going places but creating tighter connections over a casual chat. Also, it is a form of relaxation which is much needed after a hard working year and of course a recapitulation of joint efforts that were made. There is still time for you to make a wonderful party before the clock strikes 12.

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