Twilio SMS Notifications

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Connect with attendees

This add-on connects your website with Twilio service and allows you to receive instant SMS notifications upon each successful order on your website. Collecting mobile phone numbers, it notifies the website administrator, ticket buyers, and ticket owners as soon as an order is completed. It's the best way to give customers up-to-date information about their order.

Collect their digits

Easily collect mobile phone numbers from buyers and ticket owners by activating a few options. This will make new mobile field(s) visible on the cart page, ready for collecting phone numbers instantly!

Notify them

The Twilio add-on makes it easy to send SMS notifications to ticket buyers and/or ticket owners when their payment is processed successfully!

Loads of placeholders to use

You can also use SMS content placeholders to send customers more info automatically, such as the download URL for their ticket(s), order ID, and amount paid.

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