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Give your speakers attention they deserve

If the speakers are cornerstone of your event, this add-on is just what you want! Display information about your speakers beautifully with minimal effort.

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Create And Manage Speakers

Easily create speakers and include any relevant information about them; their photo, title, description, website, social network links,... everything is easily accessible and logically organized.

Connect Attendees With Speakers

You can enter URLs for each speaker's website or social media so that attendees can access them with a single click. All the major social networks are covered: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter...

Display Speakers Anywhere With Shortcode Or Directly On The Event Page

Display all of the speakers or just some of them. Use an option to display speakers automatically or place a shortcode to anywhere you want to display speakers... it's up to you.

Change The Display Of Speakers

With four different display modes at your disposal, you can blend in speakers content seamlessly to your website. Want it big? Use slider. Want it neatly sorted? Use Grid or List. Have multiple speaker categories? Use filtering.

Seamless Integration

Speakers plugin will seamlessly inherit all the main colors set by the theme you're using, blending in its content as if it was part of your theme.

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