Physical Tickets

Send physical, printed tickets
to your customers automatically

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Delivering digital tickets via email to your customers is great. But what really makes an impression is nicely designed, printed out ticket delivered to your customer's door. And best of all... you don't have to do anything but install and setup Physical Tickets add-on.

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By seamless integration of services to Tickera via this add-on, you finally have an opportunity to deliver tickets for your event to as enveloped letters. All you need is a account and Physical Tickets add-on and you are ready to go.

Fully automated...

Once you set up Physical Tickets add-on and link it with your account, no further action from you is required. All the tickets are being forwarded automatically and good people from will take care that each ticket gets printed and delivered to your customers.

Simply beautiful!

Be it black & white or color, if you take some time to design your ticket template, it can be both striking and beautiful. Needless to say, the ticket will look exactly like you have designed it in Tickera's ticket tempate builder.


Feature List

  • Make a statement with nicely designed printed tickets
  • From your website to your customer's door with no hassle
  • Avoid problems with check-ins caused by poorly printed tickets on customer's printers
  • Deliver both: digital and physical tickets and decide later which you would like to scan - result is the same
  • Black and white or color - you decide
  • Seamless integration
  • Quality printed tickets without hassle of printing for you or customers
  • Address verification - be sure that your ticket gets 100% delivered
Compatible with the Bridge for WooCommerce


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