The Best Way To Sell Event Tickets With WordPress

Your money is yours, we don't take a cut.

If you want to sell event tickets on your website and deliver them to your buyers digitally, Tickera is exactly what you need. When you use the Tickera WordPress plugin to sell and send tickets, you are essentially setting up your own hosted ticketing solution wherein you control the profits with no requirement to send a cut to a third party.

Sell Tickets Beautifully

Sell event tickets on your own WordPress website. Tickera fits well and works great with any well-coded WordPress theme out there! Still, we have made a selection of a few themes which are built specifically with Tickera in mind.
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Tickera is filling a very deep and large hole in the ticket system market.

-- Vinicius Freire, ViaMarket

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Check in attendees easily

Tickera ticketing system comes with smartphone apps for iOS and Android platforms. We also have a cross-platform Chrome Desktop app perfect for checking in attendees on larger events or events without Internet coverage. So you can now finally host your event on the Moon or in a desert and still be able to check-in the tickets.

A very fine event ticketing system, in fact the finest out there I've come across. Highly recommended!

-- Varun Dhawan

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Payment methods and gateways

Wherever you're from, we've got you covered! Tickera supports hundreds payment gateways: 20+ built-in payment gateways plus ALL WooCommerce gateways!
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Cannot recommend Tickera highly enough (don't mess about, just get full bundle license).

-- DJ Andy Ward

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Integrated Payment Gateways
Sell tickets with WooCommerce and Tickera

Sell tickets with WooCommerce & Tickera too!

Already running WooCommerce on your website? Take the best of both worlds! Sell event tickets as WooCommerce products on your website and deliver them to your buyers using the awesomeness of this WooCommerce and Tickera fusion. Yes, it is as good as it sounds! Sounds good, I want to learn more

I've compared and tried many ticket plugins and I have to say - this one is the best.

-- Scope Themes

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Let Them Pick Their Seats

Create stunning floor plans of your venue to make it easier for your attendees to pick the best seat for your show. Make seating groups, standing areas, round or square tables, points of interest... anything you need, any way you like. Just pick, drag and drop.
Check out Seating Charts add-on

In my opinion Tickera is the best ticket management solution available today on WordPress.

-- Anton Kozlov

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Seatings Chart

Features that will make your tickets selling easier

Less work for you

We know that organizing an event is not an easy task at all. We are here to help you and we'll try to make the whole process at least easier for you.
We want you to succeed!



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